Thursday, March 8, 2012

February Eleven Rack Poll Results

So in February we asked the question,

"If the current Eleven Rack were to be updated again - What would be the MOST important addition(s)? What would you most like to see added?"

There were a total of 75 votes, and keep in mind that you could choose multiple items (the total  % of ALL items will be over 100% because of that) 

And as expected, the top performer was Standalone Editor. The addition of a Standalone Editor is paramount to the future success of the Eleven Rack, at least in my opinion. As most of you probably know, Standalone Editor also has a majority of votes on the official Pro Tools IdeaScale (Eleven Rack section). As of today there are 293 "I agree" votes for the addition of a standalone editor, and keep in mind, IdeaScale is somewhat fragmented - meaning that the Standalone Editor request has more than ONE entry on Ideascale; so the total is much higher than 293. Some people may vote for one entry of Standalone Editor, but not the other(s) for example, which in turn depletes the total number of votes on each distinct request, so it may appear to a casual viewer that the Standalone Editor is not in demand to a great extent. Which it is.

To vote for the Standalone Editor, other requests, or add your own request - head over to the Pro Tools IdeaScale. PLEASE, search IdeaScale before adding your request, as there is a great likely-hood that your idea is already posted, and you do not want to fragment the vote.

Some what surprising to me,