Saturday, June 18, 2016

Eleven Rack Editor Won't Open

After about 3 years, I finally experienced a problem with the Eleven Rack Editor! I opened it, it populated in the task-bar, but would NOT OPEN!

In this video I will show you the method that worked for me to get up and running quick.

Another method that might work for some would be to RIGHT-CLICK "Eleven Rack Editor" in the task-bar and choose MOVE. That did not work for me.

The method that should work for everyone is to DELETE the Eleven Rack Editor Preferences files.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


New POLL up (in the right side-bar) asking "What Does The Next ELEVEN RACK Need?"

First, I have NO knowledge if we will ever see another Eleven Rack, or any new features added to the current Eleven Rack (though I do doubt it for the current version).

If you could have ANY features, what would they be? I have listed several options, but if I missed something, leave a comment of what feature you want/need.

How much would you pay for a new Eleven Rack assuming it had all the features you want?

What should the name be? What should the form factor be? What features does is need? What should be included with it? Should it be orange, or maybe brushed aluminum, or black brushed aluminum? Should it have a larger screen? What about a touch screen? Should it be available in multiple form factors, like: Rack, pedal board, desktop, amp style? Vote now!

UPDATE! D/L ALL BenoniStudio Eleven Rack Rigs (back in a .zip)

A few months ago I switched over to using a self-extracting archive for all my custom Eleven Rack Rigs because there were problems with the file paths and names being too long for a .zip file to compress and uncompress. But, there were reports of a few problems with that method on OSX. So, I have re-named a few things and shortened the paths, and now everything is available as a .zip file again.

Download Here

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Komplete Audio 6 w/Eleven Rack via S/PDIF

I already have a series of videos I did several years ago on how to use S/PDIF with the Eleven Rack. This video will go over the same concepts, but in a different way. Keep in mind, all of these concepts are applicable to ANY audio interface and external S/PDIF gear.

(View on YouTube to read the Description and find time-stamps for each segment)

KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 - S/PDIF EXPLAINED (DAW, External Effects Processor, Eleven Rack) 

Monday, June 13, 2016

104 ORIGINAL Eleven Rack FACTORY Rigs

I have included the Original Eleven Rack Factory Rigs in the "ALL BENONI STUDIO RIGS" download, but I have never offered just these rigs on their own download on this site. I have always had them up on the DUC, but some people have had problems finding them, so here they are.

These are the 104 Original Eleven Rack Factory Rigs that came with Firmware 1.0.3 (these are PRE-ERXP Rigs). There is also a .XML included so you can load them in one-shot. These were provided to me by Avid several years ago, and they are fine with me hosting them. These are the only rigs I offer that I did not personally create.