Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Re-Amp with Pro Tools 11 and the Eleven Rack

Re-Amping allows you to use the same performance, but change the amp, cabinet, microphone, and/or effects of your guitar, bass, or other instrument.

With the Eleven Rack, Re-Amping is super simple; thanks to the ability to record a "dirty/wet" and "dry" guitar track at the same time!

There is a video included below so you can see this in action. In this video we use Pro Tools 11, but the process and underlying principles are the same.


First, record your effected guitar track AND the dry guitar at the same time.

To do this, you can use a Stereo or Mono track for the "dirty" guitar, and a Mono track for the "dry" guitar.

  • Make sure the RIG INPUT for the Eleven Rack is set to GUITAR

  • Set the input of the "dirty/wet" Audio track to Eleven Rig (L)/(R)

  • Set the input of the MONO "dry" Audio track to Guitar

  • Record Enable/Arm both tracks

Monday, April 14, 2014

Eleven Rack Input Always Active/Doubling in Pro Tools

For some strange reason, everyday when I open Pro Tools 11, the Rig Input from the Eleven Rack is active. By that I mean I can strum my guitar and get the amp sound even if I don't have any tracks record enabled!

Furthermore, if I record enable a track I then will get a doubling effect.

I have not had this problem in Pro Tools 9 or 10, only in Pro Tools 11.

However, there is a solution that works for me every time without fail.