Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pro Tools 11.0.0 with the Eleven Rack - Part 1 & 2

In testing the Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 11, pretty much everything was working fine.
(watch the videos below to see this in action)

I was having a problem on my system that was not allowing me to embed rig settings in the track. After several responses, including from Avid Customer Service, it was confirmed that embedded rigs are supposed to work.

After much research I noticed that in my MIDI input devices, I had 2 Eleven Rack entries listed.

I found that un-checking the "Eleven Rack" and just leaving "2-Eleven Rack [Emulated]" checked, I was able to get embedded rigs!

Not only that, but no longer did I get the "Eleven Rack #2 Cannot Connect" error. (see video 1 to see this error)

After relaying this information, Avid Customer Service was nice enough to check PT11 and the 11R with a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro. They said that they were not getting the "2-Eleven Rack [Emulated]" entry, they only had "Eleven Rack". (see video 2 to see solution in action)

They suggested that I check in Device Manager to see if I had any drivers that could be causing emulated MIDI ports.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pro Tools 11 RELEASED!

Yesterday, after months of waiting, Pro Tools 11 was finally released!

The bad news is that just as the preliminary info stated, the Eleven Rack on-screen editor is currently not available in Pro Tools 11. BUT, with Pro Tools 11 we can co-install 10.3.6 and use the editor in PT 10.3.6 until there is a fix for PT11.

There is a bit of good news, while the full on-screen editor is not available in PT11, the mini editor is still available in the top left of the EDIT Window.

Hopefully there will be a resolution for this soon, but until then, use PT 10.3.6 for the 11R Editor.

Get more info about Pro Tools 11 at:

If you want to SEE Pro Tools 10.3.6 and Pro Tools 11 being installed, activated, opened, AND other Pro Tools 11 stuff - check out the Pro Tools Quick Tips blog and the YouTube Channel linked in the toolbar above.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

11R Driver v1.1.6 for Windows on PT LE8 and PT9

So yesterday I posted about the new 11R driver 1.1.6 and mentioned that the documentation only listed PT 10.3 and higher. So today I tested the new driver with PT LE8 and PT9. Both worked.
I don't know if the driver is officially approved for LE8 and PT9 because they are not mentioned on the 1.1.6 download page, but they worked for me.

Eleven Rack Driver v1.1.6 for Windows OS

Today, Avid released a new driver for Eleven Rack users on Windows. Driver 1.1.6 includes a new UI, official support for Windows 8 and several fixes.

Watch the following video to see it being installed and in use: