Thursday, July 14, 2016


In this video I cover some essential concepts to understand when using Automation with the Eleven Rack in Pro Tools. This is an addendum to the first Eleven Rack Automation video, so please watch that first.


Be sure to also watch the Program Change video to see how to have Pro Tools switch your Eleven Rack Rig/Preset automatically
Eleven Rack - Automated Rig Change

In this video I will go over more concepts of using a foot controller to record automation, how to move and delete automation, how to record automation in multiple passes, cover more automation tips, and finally take a quick look at using the Multiple FX option and using automation with that.

ELEVEN RACK - AUTOMATION EXPLAINED PART 1 (Automate Effects, Amps, Ect...)

In this video I'll show you everything you need to know about using automation with the Eleven Rack. I'll cover how to automating effects, amps, and everything else by using MIDI tracks in Pro Tools. We'll look at how to find the CC# for any parameter in the Eleven Rack PDF, and on the Eleven Rack itself. You'll see how to setup your MIDI tracks, add CC#s, and how to draw your automation with the Pencil Tool. You will also see how you can record your automation into Pro Tools using a MIDI Foot Controller. I'll also cover a few other things about automation and the Eleven Rack in general. So strap in, grab a drink, grab a guitar, and let's dig in deep!

I'll be using Pro Tools, but the concept is the same for any DAW. With automation, you can have your DAW control things like the Wah position, Distortion On/Off, Delay mix, ect… You can even automate Amp parameter changes, Rig input, and so much more! I can't cover everything, but the concept will be the same. Simply find the parameter you want to automate, find and add the CC#, and draw in the automation.