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104 FURY Eleven Rack Rigs + Effect Presets

104 "FURY" Eleven Rack Rigs

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

FURY rigs are high-gain style rigs, most are tuned to be razor sharp and cut through a dense metal mix. FURY rigs include 6 different amps:

Mesa Mark II C+ = M2

Mesa Dual Rectifier = MDR

Bogner Ecstasy = XTC

Soldano SLO-100 = SLO

Avid/Digidesign Custom Modern Super Overdrive = SOD

Avid/Digidesign Custom Modern Overdrive = MOD

Several cabs and mics are also used on each amp model. It's pretty easy to figure out the naming method used.

Example: "FURY MDR-65W-7" shows we are using a rig from the FURY pack, it is the Mesa Dual Rec amp (Treadplate Modern), 4X12 65W cab, and the Dyn 7 mic.

Example: "FURY XTC-B30-67" shows we are using a rig from the FURY pack, it is the Bogner Ecstasy/XTC amp (RB-01b), 2X12 B30 cab, and the COND 67 mic.

All the rigs follow the same logical layout. It makes it easy to see what rig you are choosing, quickly.

The FURY rigs share a similarity with the "A is A", "Seppuku", and "Futile" rig packs. Like those, FURY rigs have a Multi-Chorus ON by default to add a nice width to your tone. Like the "Seppuku", and "Futile" rig packs, the FURY rigs have a FLANGER ON by default that I call a "cab changer". Where they differ is they do not include a Compressor or any EQ. All FURY rigs are set up in the same basic way:

Phaser>Green Overdrive>AMP/CAB/MIC>Flanger>Multi-Chorus>Delay>Reverb

Of those, the Flanger, Multi-Chorus, and Reverb will be ON by default (as well as the VOL and AMP/CAB blocks of course)

Turn OFF the Flanger and have a basic "A is A" type rig. Try turning ON/OFF effects or use right out of the box, tweak as you wish.

The FURY rigs come in 3 different "flavors" - there will be 3 folders. All the folders contain the same exact amp settings and effect settings, the only difference is the Multi-Chorus setting.

"1 - 104 FURY Eleven Rack Rigs - Chorus 100 6" Means that the Multi-Chorus across all rigs is set at 100% width and 6 voices.

"2 - 104 FURY Eleven Rack Rigs - Chorus 75 6" Means that the Multi-Chorus across all rigs is set to 75% width and 6 voices.

"3 - 104 FURY Eleven Rack Rigs - Chorus 80 3" Means that the Multi-Chorus across all rigs is set to 80% width and 3 voices.

I would suggest you start with folder 2, the rigs are wide, but not as wide as folder 1. Folder 1 would
be the widest rigs, and folder 2 would be a bit less width, more focused, and folder 3 would be a even less width and even more focused while still being wide compared to dry rigs.

The 3 basic Multi-Chorus settings are included in a separate folder. So you can import those and change Multi-Chorus settings on the fly with ease to see which settings you like best, then simply choose the folder and LOAD ALL RIGS FROM COMPUTER.

By having the effects settings files and the rigs already saved with each setting, it makes it quick and easy to load up exactly what you want and get back to playing.


Included with the FURY rigs pack is effects settings that were used in making these rigs. There will be a FLANGER, MULTI-CHORUS, and REVERB folder.

These were included to make it easy to change settings by using the "Effect Preset" drop down in the Eleven Rack on-screen editor.

216 WAR Eleven Rack Rigs

216 "WAR" Eleven Rack Rigs

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

WAR rigs are RAW rigs, with "war" being an anagram for "raw". Why not just call them "RAW" - well, it just didn't sound "metal" enough. ;)

WAR rigs are different than other packs. They were made to get back to a simpler setup, just an amp, cab, and mic. All effects are bypassed by default, though, all effects do have a basic setting already applied. All rigs are setup in the same basic way:

Phaser>Green DIST>AMP/CAB/MIC>Flanger>Multi-Chorus>Delay>Reverb

Only the AMP/CAB/MIC will be active by default.

Unlike all other packs, WAR rigs are set to be MONO through the whole path, just like you would have by placing one mic on a guitar cab. So if you play these rigs in standalone through headphones or a Stereo Track in Pro Tools, they won't sound as impressive as an "A is A" rig ect.... However, try them in a mix and they should set pretty well with minimal tweaking. Try recording one pass on a mono track, pan full Left, then record another pass on another mono track and pan full Right - this is the technique you should be using with most guitar tracks whether the output is stereo
or mono, of course it all depends on the track, but it's a general rule.

WAR rigs use 6 different amps and almost all cabs and mics. Each amp will have a preset with several different cabs and different mics on each cab.

This was done to minimize how much tweaking needed to be done. For example if you load "WAR-M2 65W 7N" but you would like to see what this amp sounds like with a Classic 30 cab and Dyn 57 mic OFF Axis, you could take the time to switch those settings, which is easy enough, OR simply scroll to the rig with those exact settings which would be "WAR-M2 C30 57F"

By having each rig set in this way its easy to call up exact equipment presets, then you can tweak from there.

54 ORANGES Pack #2 Eleven Rack Rigs

54 "Oranges" Eleven Rack Rigs - PACK #2

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

Like the first Oranges pack, this set was made with Blues, Jazz, and clean tones in mind. However, this pack covers more ground with rigs/presets suitable for country, some classic rock, Alt-Rock, Indie Rock, and other blues inspired generas. The tones range from clean to full creamy overdrive.

All of the included rigs were made using an EC-1000 with the neck pickup (EMG 60). Many of the rigs sound just fine using the bridge pickup as well, and when you do that you will get a more treble and twangy tone.

Every Effects Slot has been set, most are ON by default, but try turning them ON/OFF to your liking. A Green Overdrive is used in every "DIST" slot. The layout of all rigs are similar, every rig has Dyn Comp, Flanger, Multi-Chorus, and Reverb ON by default.

Tweak these rigs to fit your style and guitar. For example you may want to try switching ON/OFF a Bright Switch, adjusting Reverb, turning on Delay, adjusting gain, ect....

Don't play the blues, be original, play the Oranges!

20 FREaK Eleven Rack Rigs

20 "FREaK" Eleven Rack rigs/presets

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

FREaK rigs are strange rigs that just don't fit into a standard category. They can be clean or distorted. They may be used for small passages, sound beds, intros/outros, effects, ect.....

Every effect slot has been set, even if a slot is OFF by default, that effect parameter has been set.

Content List

FREaK - 001 through 020