Sunday, December 6, 2015

253 Eleven MKII Eleven Rack Rigs

253 Eleven Rack Rigs

All of these presets have been matched to the presets of Eleven MKII Software/Plugin/AAX

Because MKII does not have any effects, I bypassed all effects on the Eleven Rack except the Volume Pedal, and that was for convenience.

Also, I kept the output after the Amp as Stereo so it would be more convenient when adding in effects, but you can easily switch to MONO output on the Eleven Rack.

Because the Eleven Rack is limited to 16 characters for names, I had to made changes where necessary.

The rigs are contained in folders that mimic the layout of Eleven MKII.

Each folder contains single rigs and an XML file so you can load all of the rigs from that category when using "Load All Rigs From Computer"

These have been matched VISUALLY. Some may be a click or two off, but the resulting tone should not be effected.

When listening to the same rig from MKII and the Eleven Rack, while extremely similar, I noticed that MKII sounds more open, while the Eleven Rack sounds warmer.
This could be because of the True-Z input of the Eleven Rack (MKII has input gain), or because of the AAX protocol vs. the internal processing of the Eleven Rack, or some other reason. But, that is what I noticed with my guitars (EMG pickups), and sound system.

Also, the Volume on the Eleven Rack has been set to '0', and the True-Z is set to Auto for every rig.

253 Rigs total

33 Amps

14 Bass

59 Clean

58 Crunch

89 Overdrive

All settings are from Eleven MKII and dialed in by me (BenoniStudio), and saved as Eleven Rack Rigs. 

These rigs are not endorsed by Avid, or anyone, not even your mother! Use at your own peril! Ha.

Enjoy, enjoyers.

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