Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eleven Rack #2 Communication Error - Why it Happens and How to Fix it

If you are getting the "Eleven Rack #2" error with Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools 12+ on Windows, this video will show you why it happens and how to fix it.

If you have the "Eleven Rack #2" error, you will probably also have problems with Embedded Rig settings. So I suggest you go through all the steps and re-install the driver with the correct steps, don't just rely on unchecking the device in the MIDI menu.

Eleven Rack w/ Surface Pro 3 - A Quick Test

The Eleven Rack Editor is surprisingly easy to use with touch. You won't even need to use your Surface Pen. This would be a great setup for a gig or practice just to have access to the Eleven Rack Editor and the ability to Load and Save Rigs.

Pro Tools is another story for touch. Pro Tools is not built for touch, that is obvious, but it is usable. Adding in a Type Cover and Surface Pro Pen will be a must. The Eleven Rack works just fine with Pro Tools on our Surface Pro 3. Recording and playback works. Of course the issue would be the Surface has one USB port. We need a minimum of two USB ports for the iLok and Eleven Rack - so you will need a USB hub or the Surface Pro Dock to use Pro Tools and the Eleven Rack at the same time.

If I were going to do serious recording I would add in an external USB hard drive (or two), and attach a USB wireless full size Keyboard and Mouse. And if a full size monitor were available, I would utilize the Mini DisplayPort out on the Surface Pro 3 as well.