Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Manual/Hard Reset - Eleven Rack

In a previous post we looked at how to do a reset of the Eleven Rack from the User Options menu. But what if your Eleven Rack is freezing at boot and you can't access the menu?

In that case, you have two options for a manual reset of the Eleven Rack by holding down certain buttons during power on.

Both of these methods will be demoed in the following video, so keep reading.

You should always have a backup of all of your rigs, just in case (and it is unlikely to happen) you have a malfunction and you have to reset your Eleven Rack.


The first way you can manually reset your Eleven Rack is

Hold down REV+FX LOOP and Power ON the Eleven Rack

This is not a reset like the other methods, I believe this will just "flush the system". Using this method, you should not lose your user rigs or settings, but it should clear out the memory which is useful if a firmware update was not completed correctly.

The next method acts more like the reset we can do from the user options, it is a total reset of the memory.

Hold down REV+MOD+FX LOOP and Power ON the Eleven Rack

Doing this WILL erase your user rigs and settings, so before it gets to this point, you should have made backups of all your rigs.

With either method, after you Power ON the Eleven Rack, the boot screen will freeze in the display. At this point you can release the buttons, power OFF the unit, and then re-boot the unit.

Watch the following video to SEE both of these methods for yourself -

You should not lose your currently installed Firmware by doing any of the 3 reset methods we have covered. So don't worry about losing your Eleven Rack Expansion Pack.


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  2. buenas bro, mi eleven rack no carga sistema, se queda pegado al prender, pero solo llega al logo y de alli no sale, alguna ayuda !!!