Wednesday, October 2, 2013

20 FREaK Eleven Rack Rigs

20 "FREaK" Eleven Rack rigs/presets

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

FREaK rigs are strange rigs that just don't fit into a standard category. They can be clean or distorted. They may be used for small passages, sound beds, intros/outros, effects, ect.....

Every effect slot has been set, even if a slot is OFF by default, that effect parameter has been set.

Content List

FREaK - 001 through 020

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid - any use of names is solely for descriptive purposes.

Watch the FURY, Oranges Pack#2, WAR, and FREaK rigs explanation/demo video on YouTube

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