Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eleven Rack Drivers & Software Repository

In this entry we will post links to Drivers, Software, and Information that is needed/optional for the Eleven Rack.

Because Avid's website it very difficult to search through, we have done the searching for you, and will post links to pages and downloads on the Avid site, that way you can easily find what you need and get back to playing and recording.

  • Pro Tools Software Updates

  • Eleven Rack Drivers 
Download Area:

Information/Links: Driver Downloads and Updates for Pro Tools and Standalone

  • The old 1.0.8 Eleven Rack driver for Windows:

Direct Download 1.0.8 From Avid:

  • The ERXP (Eleven Rack Expansion Pack) installer/software:

You can use the ERXP installer to make sure Pro Tools has the ERXP UI files so that your ERXP Updated Eleven Rack (Firmware 2.0.x) can be used correctly with the Eleven Rack window/editor in Pro Tools. THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE AN UPDATED ELEVEN RACK! This installer will NOT update the Firmware on your Eleven Rack, because you must have the correct codes to update the Firmware. If you are looking to update your Eleven Rack with the ERXP, you can purchase the ERXP from Avid here:

  • Internet Explorer 9 will cause the ERXP installer to Crash:

  • Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Firmware 2.0.1 Update fails on Mac OS X Lion (10.7) with error: License Activation failed. Please contact an Avid representative for further assistance


  • Eleven Rack Firmware Update Version 1.0.2:

  • Eleven Rack Firmware Update Version 1.0.3:

Download Area 1.0.3:

Again, DO NOT install Firmware 1.x over Firmware 2.x!!!! Doing so will ERASE all the new amps and effects added by the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, aka, Firmware 2.0/2.0.1


  1. i'm 2.0.1 version ,but now i installed 1.0.3
    how can i restored 2.0.1
    my 2.0.1 version is eleven rack when i brought it .

    1. As noted above, if you have firmware version 2.0.x, DO NOT install older versions of the firmware because you will erase your access to the updated firmware. The only thing you can do if your 11R came with the ERXP pre-installed is to call Avid, tell them what happened, and hopefully they will issue you a S/N and ID code so you can re-install the ERXP (firmware 2.0.1)

      If you have already purchased the ERXP, then just re-run the firmware updater from the same computer you used the first time.


    I am running a Windows 7 system and had IE 10 as the default browser.
    I read alot of posts describibg a problem with installing the expansion pack with several different possibles cures. (non of which worked for me)
    Here is how I was finally able to install the expansion pack.

    1) Make sure you have the most recent Eleven Rack Driver installed.
    2) Make sure you have UAC turned off (Set to Never notify)
    3) install Google Chrome and make it your default browser.
    4) COMPLETELY remove Internet Explorer and from your computer. IE 9 and IE 10 are not compatible.
    5) Download the expansion pack software through Chrome and install.
    (if it fails, you might still have IE somewhere in the system. I had to uninstall IE 10 and then go back and unistall the legacy IE 9. Just removing it from Windows features by unchecking the box will NOT work)
    6) Run the ERXP installer and bada bing... it works..

    1. Forgot to mention also..
      Once you get the ERXP installed, you can reinstall IE9 or IE10 with no adverse effects.

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  4. Avid shows a 2.01 firmware. where is it????

    1. What do you mean? Firmware 2.0.1 is the Expansion Pack.

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  7. Man...I get this error all the time now that I have my ER connected...tried all the things on the internet, disabled DEP and several other removed prefs, etc....any other ideas??? Here is the error code I get when opening. I can open ProTools by unplugging, but then I lose all access to Eleven rack control panel and cannot record and have it remember the presets.
    Access violation occurred, thread cause a DEP Violation at: 0x000000000013A0D8

  8. Hello,
    I have the 2.0.1 firmware with Expansion Pack.
    no I can make Elecen rack editor run on windows 7 64bit.
    I installed the 1.1.11 drivers; 1.1.10; 1.1.9; and in the end I installed the first 1.0.11 drivers on the AVId site.
    with all the drivers the EDITOR program does not start and stops. while with the 1.0.11 driver once in ten the program starts ...
    how should i do?
    when I install the softwere eleven rack editor asks me to also install microsoft visual c ++ 2010 (in my PC there is the 2015 version) even accepting the installation of 2010 does not let me install it and ends the installation of the program without microsoft visual c ++ 2010