Friday, January 6, 2012

7 A is A Eleven Rack Rigs - Philosophy Metal

ERXP Required

The A is A Rigs were made specifically for low tuned guitars, such as Drop A, G, F# ect...
However, they will work just as well for any tuning (Standard, Drop D, Drop B, ect...)

Content List:

A is A 800  (DC Modern 800 Amp)

A is A E   (DC Modern SOD Amp)

A is A G   (DC Modern SOD Amp)

A is A M   (DC Modern Distortion Amp)

A is A S B30 67o (DC Modern SOD Amp)

A is A SLO V30   (SLO100 DRIVE Amp)

A is A Y    (DC Modern Distortion Amp)

The 'MOD' block on each "A is A" rig has a Multi-Chorus effect turned ON by default.

This adds depth, and width, and is intended to stay ON, but if you don't like it, turn it OFF.

Tweak the rigs and make them your own. - Enjoy!

These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid

Download Below


  1. Thats some sweet sound, wich of the rigs do you recomend for using a bass as a guitar?

    1. Any of them will work depending on what kind of tone you are going for, you will just need to turn up the gain to get the Amp to overdrive such low tunings.

  2. I'm having trouble using the downloaded rigs. My mac doesn't give me the option to extract the files nor does it download the files as a "zip". When i select download from computer nothing happens after that. Do You have any advice?

    1. I have no idea, could be your internet service. Maybe try downloading with a Download Manager, or try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. If you don't have an unzipper pre-installed on the Mac, than try downloading a free unzipper that works on a Mac like Zipeg.