Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eleven Rack Standalone Editor IS HERE!

The long wait is now OVER!

A Standalone Eleven Rack Editor has been released.

Head over to and download the FREE Eleven Rack Editor now.

Watch this video to see the new Editor in action:

The Standalone Eleven Rack Editor is pretty much the same as the integrated editor we had in Pro Tools 10 and below.

A couple things that have changed would be that in Pro Tools 11, Embedded Rigs are handled in SETUP>IO>Input Tab. In Pro Tools 10 and lower you can still set this from the User Options in the integrated Eleven Rack Editor.

Another thing that changed is where individual effect presets are saved. With the integrated editor, you could save to a Session folder or set your own ROOT FOLDER. With the Standalone Editor, there is a specific ROOT FOLDER that you must save your effect presets to (not Rigs).

On Windows this will be in Documents>Eleven Rack Editor>Plugin Settings> then the specific Eleven folder type. So if I save a Flanger it will save to Documents>Eleven Rack Editor>Plug-in Setting>ElevenModulation. Chorus, Multi-Chorus, Phaser, ect... will also be saved in the Eleven Modulation Folder.

If I save a Green JRC Overdriver, White Boost, ect... they will save to ElevenDistortion, and so on.

Everything is grouped in Categories instead of individual folders like before.

You can IMPORT your current save effect presets or simply drag and drop them in the correct folder.

The folders will be created automatically for you. If you do not see the folders, simply select an effect within the Editor of the category folder you want created, and select IMPORT from the Effect Presets drop down and the folder will be created.

 That may sound confusing, but if you watch the video above, you can see it in action.

The directory for Mac is Users/(Current User)/Documents/Eleven Rack Editor/Plug-In Settings/

The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (Firmware 2.0.x) is required to use the standalone Eleven Rack Editor. If you don't have it, purchase it here:

If you do not know what firmware is on your Eleven Rack, this video will show you how to check from the front panel of the Eleven Rack:

You can also check the Firmware version from the Eleven Rack Control panel that is installed with the Eleven Rack Drivers.

Download the latest Eleven Rack Drivers:

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