Thursday, May 3, 2012

Expand Your Tonal Possibilities With Redwirez

Have you been wanting a more diverse collection of cabinets and mics for your Eleven Rack?

Are you tired of waiting for more cabinets to be added to the Eleven Rack?

Have you been wanting more options for mic positions than "On Axis/Off Axis"?

Then look no further than the BigBox IR bundle from! Included in the purchase of the BigBox is a great plug-in that will host those IR's called MixIR 2.

So what is an IR?

IR is short for "Impulse Response". An Impulse Response of a cabinet and microphone can be used in a convolution plug-in to accurately reproduce the tone and frequency response of the modeled cab and mic.

Using IR's with the Eleven Rack is very simple. Create a new AUDIO track, set the Input to the Eleven Rig, and place an IR host on an Insert. Then, since you will be using an IR for the cab sound, you need to BYPASS the cab of the Eleven Rack. ARM the track, and start loading IR's into your IR host program - that's it.

You don't need the Redwirez BigBox to use IR's with the Eleven Rack. You don't need MixIR 2 either. You could use free IR's and an IR host that you already own, or use a free IR host.

However, you will be hard pressed to find IRs that meet that quality of Redwirez IR's. And with the BigBox, you have (at this time) 49 cabs to choose from, with many, many, different mics and mic positions for each cab - it would take days to go through all of the possible positions and combinations!

Of course you don't need to purchase the BigBox to get your hands on some great Redwirez IR's. You can actually download a free set of IR's from Redwirez and try them out. You can also buy just the cabinets you want if you feel you don't need all 49 cabs.

You also do not need to buy the BigBox to get your hands on MixIR 2 - which is the absolute BEST IR host I have ever used, especially for guitar/bass cab IR's.

You can purchase MixIR 2 on its own as well, for a very reasonable price. Then you can use free IR's that can be found all around the interweb, and/or purchase just the cabs you want from Redwirez.

I would however suggest that you purchase the BigBox, which will include MixIR 2, instead of buying just MixIR 2, because once you start using MixIR 2 and some of the free IR's, you will be wanting more and more! So save a bit of money and buy it all in one shot.

I am very impressed with the quality and quantity of the IR's included in the BigBox, as well as the ease of use and mixing options of MixIR 2. It's definitely a great purchase that will expand the tonal possibilities of the Eleven Rack.

I am hopefully that eventually Avid will make it possible to load IR's directly into the Eleven Rack, like can be done with the Axe-FX. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Also note that you can use MixIR 2 and Redwirez IR's with any guitar amp simulator, not just the Eleven Rack. The basics are the same for any Software/Hardware amp sim.

Learn more about the BigBox and MixIR 2 at:

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  1. I bought eleven rack without protools.
    Can I use eleven rack with vst impulses loader (kefir, lecab) in my DAW (Reaper)?

    How I can correctly set up?

    I have not found any information on the web