Sunday, May 20, 2012

24 A is A Rigs Pack #3 - Eleven Rack Custom Rigs

24 "A is A" Eleven Rack Rigs - PACK 3

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

The A is A Rigs were made specifically for low tuned guitars, such as Drop A, G, F# ect...
However, they will work just as well for any tuning (Standard, Drop D, Drop B, ect...)
You may need to adjust the Gain up if you are tuned very low, depending on your guitar and pickups.

The 'MOD' block on each "A is A" rig has a Multi-Chorus effect turned ON by default.
This adds depth, and width, and is intended to stay ON, but if you don't like it, turn it OFF.
Tweak the rigs further as you wish.

The Rigs are split up into 2 folders - A Rigs, and B Rigs.

After creating the 'A' rigs in this package (v30 4X12 cab, R121 mic), we also liked the sound of the B30 2X12 cab with a Condenser 67 mic OFF AXIS. So all Rigs in the 'B' folder have the same Amp and Effect settings as their 'A' rig counterparts, but the Cab and Mic have been changed, and a B was added to the name of the Rig. The 'B' rigs are great at adding texture, or used for lead, but can also be used as the main tone of a song. Let your ear decide.

Content List:

12 A Rigs:

A is A L800 388

A is A L800 389

A is A M-2 300

A is A M-2 302

A is A M-2 304

A is A M-2 306

A is A M-2 308

A is A M800 320

A is A M800 322

A is A M800 328

A is A SLO 361

A is A SLO 364


12 B Rigs:

A is A L800 3B8

A is A L800 3B9

A is A M-2 300-B

A is A M-2 302-B

A is A M-2 304-B

A is A M-2 306-B

A is A M-2 308-B

A is A M800 3B0

A is A M800 3B2

A is A M800 3B8

A is A SLO 361-B

A is A SLO 364-B


These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.

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