Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eleven Rack Troubleshooting - No Sound? Check the RIG INPUT

One possible cause of not hearing your guitar through the Eleven Rack is having the wrong RIG INPUT source selected.

It's easy to overlook if you have been Re-Amping or using another input through the Eleven Rack Rig such as the Mic. If this happens to you, stay calm, and check the RIG INPUT setting. If you are playing guitar then you want GUITAR selected as the input source.

You can access this setting from the front panel of the Eleven Rack or from the Eleven Rack Editor.

See the following video for steps

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

456 HATE - Eleven Rack Rigs

228 "HATE" Eleven Rack Rigs

(456 HATE Rigs total, if you count the MONO version of each rig)

HATE Rigs employ lower gain than what I usually set. Don't confuse lower gain with thinking they are less brutal! The rigs are just as brutal, maybe even more brutal since with less gain we get better articulation. But, tweak the gain to your liking. Also tweak the 'Presence' control. Most rigs have a relatively low Presence setting to control noise and to sit in the mix without popping out too much, adjust to taste.

HATE Rigs are HIGHLY tweak-able from the tone stack (the amp knobs), so adjust as you wish. The Parametric EQ sweeps out some low-mid "boxiness" and gives a more modern sounding metal tone. If you don't like it, either adjust or simply bypass it for a more natural amp tone.

If you find the Chorus and Flanger induce "phasiness" into the signal, simply bypass them. I have them ON by default because I like the wider tone when playing or working on a riff. When it comes to recording I may or may not bypass them, it just depends. Adjust and/or bypass the Reverb as you wish.

Now go forth and make some BRUTAL, HATE FILLED, METAL \m/