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17 Ruin - Mesa Dual Rectifier Edition - Eleven Rack Rigs

17 Ruin Rigs - Mesa Dual Rectifier EDITION

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

The philosophy of the RUIN rigs, is a bit different from other rig packs. Ruin rigs are setup to drop right into a mix with minimal mixing needed after. Of course this is not exact and personal preference plays a roll.

The Ruin Rigs employ 2 Parametric EQ's. EQ 1 (in FX1 slot) does the shaping of the tone, EQ 2 (in FX2 slot) is the module that gets the tone "mix ready". On EQ 2 there will be a Highpass (HP) and Lowpass (LP) set, but only the HP will be on by default. To turn ON the LP, just click the TYPE button ONCE on the HF, that will select the LP6 filter. (I am referring to using the on-screen editor to turn on/off the filters)

If you do not like the sound with the HP/LP ON or OFF, or you don't like the EQ curve, you can simply turn OFF all the effects! These rigs have been setup to sound good on their own with no further effects.

In fact I recommend that you try turning OFF both EQ's and playing with just the amp/cab/mic active (and the reverb to add some "room") at least once. The settings on the amp are set to realistic Dual Rectifier settings. You can record without the EQ's active, then do all the EQing yourself later on, or use the EQ's ON, it's up to you!

While making these rigs, I frequently referenced real tones from a Mesa Dual Rectifier, a more recent model, played through a Mesa cab.The Dual Rectifier in the Eleven Rack is remarkably accurate to the frequency response of real recorded Dual Rectifiers. The main difference is there is quiet a bit more "activity" in the 12k-17k range, there is much more harmonic distortion in that area of the real Mesa Dual Rectifier. This was observed by using frequency analyzers. Again though, the real amp being analysed is a more recent model, the version in the Eleven Rack is from 1992. Also, the amp analysed was dual mic'ed and as said was using a Mesa cab. However, the main frequency response is spot on.

Every effect slot has been set, even if an effect is not ON by default, that effect has been set. So try turning ON/OFF all the effects.

The MOD slot is set to a Multi-Chorus. By turning this ON, you are essentially turning the rig into an "A is A" rig. If you are not familiar with the "A is A" rigs, look for the explanation on one of the "A is A" pack downloads.


"L" means "LEAD". These rigs are extra saturated and have more reverb for a super lush lead tone. Adjust to your liking.

"v" means the Vintage Treadplate is used.

Content List:

Ruin - MDR 301

Ruin - MDR 302v

Ruin - MDR 303

Ruin - MDR 307

Ruin - MDR 308v

Ruin - MDR 309

Ruin - MDR 312v

Ruin - MDR 313

Ruin - MDR 315

Ruin - MDR 316v

Ruin - MDR 317

Ruin - MDR 318vL

Ruin - MDR 360vL

Ruin - MDR 364vL

Ruin - MDR 371

Ruin - MDR 378v

Ruin - MDR 379

Tweak the rigs to fit your playing style, guitar, mix, and needs.

These Rigs are an original creation.

These Rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid nor Mesa Boogie. All names used are simply to describe the amp model used.

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