Sunday, November 11, 2012

15 A is A Pack #5 - Eleven Rack Rigs

15 "A is A" Eleven Rack Rigs - PACK #5

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

The A is A Rigs were made specifically for low tuned guitars, such as Drop A, G, F# ect...
However, they will work just as well for any tuning (Standard, Drop D, Drop B, ect...)

Furthermore, unlike some previous A is A rig packs which were made using a guitar tuned to
Drop B, Drop A, or lower, the rigs in this package were created with a guitar tuned to Drop C#.

Also the rigs in this package are more saturated than some previous rigs, so if you prefer less
saturation, just back-off on the Gain/Drive.

The 'MOD' block on each "A is A" rig has a Multi-Chorus effect turned ON by default.
The Multi-Chorus is what gives the A is A rigs their signature sound, it adds depth, and width,
and is intended to stay ON, but if you don't like it, turn it OFF.

Every effect slot has been set, even if an effect is not ON by default, that effect has been set. So try turning ON/OFF all the effects.

Content List:

A is A DCM-800

A is A DCM-804

A is A DCM-808

A is A L800-F301

A is A L800-F303

A is A L800-F305

A is A L800-F307

A is A L800-F331

A is A M800-G400

A is A M800-G404

A is A M800-G406

A is A M800-G408

A is A SOD-801

A is A SOD-803

A is A SOD-807

Tweak the rigs further as you wish.

The Amps used in this pack are the:

DC Modern Overdrive (DCM)

DC Modern SOD (SOD)

DC Modern 800 (M800)

82' Lead 800 - 100 watt (L800)

Some of the rigs have the Green JRC Overdrive ON by default, others have it OFF by default.

For the rigs where it is ON by default (M800, L800), it was deemed necessary to achieve the amount of gain needed to be a Metal tone. For the rigs where the Green OD is OFF by default, try turning it ON to tighten up the bass and add focus (if needed).

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.


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