Thursday, November 15, 2012

15 FALSIFY Rigs - Eleven Rack Rigs

15 "Falsify" Eleven Rack Rigs

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

What are "Falsify" Rigs?

Falsify Rigs are Synth, Pad, FX, and Effected Clean style Eleven Rack Rigs.

Every effect slot has been set, even if an effect is not ON by default, that effect has been set. So try turning ON/OFF all the effects.

Adjust to your liking.

Content List:

Falsify - Bella

Falsify - Bytes

Falsify - Chimey

Falsify - Churn

Falsify - Ella

Falsify - Facet

Falsify - Fallen

Falsify - Glitch

Falsify - Grace

Falsify - Lauren

Falsify - Paige

Falsify - Storm

Falsify - Taylor

Falsify - What

Falsify - Wing

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.


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