Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rig/Preset Downloads Now Include "Load All Rigs" Folder

---EDIT 1/24/13
The Load All Rigs method used has changed for future rig uploads. To learn more, see here:
UPDATE: Load All Rigs from Computer for Rig Downloads ---

Preset/Rig packs that contain at least 10 rigs have been updated to include a folder called
"Load All Rigs from Computer"

This will allow you to download a rig pack and instead of having to load one rig at a time, you can now load all of the rigs at once; which will enable you to test out all the new rigs seamlessly, quickly, and easily. You of course still have the option to load one rig at a time.

In the "Load All Rigs from Computer" folder, you will see the rigs included in the pack with a bunch of other rigs named -unused-. Those files are included so the XML file works correctly, the -unused- rigs are just that, unused.

If you have already downloaded all the rig packs, you will need to re-download the packs to get the new folder. This can be done quickly from the Download Zone which will open up a new tab for each rig pack that you click on - enabling you to go from pack to pack very quickly.

Again, this only applies to packs that contain 10 rigs or more, excluding the 47 Pre-ERXP pack because that pack is actually a combination of several smaller packs.

Any future rig packs that contain at least 10 rigs will be uploaded with the "Load All Rigs" folder from the start.

This addition will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to test out all the rigs in packs that you download. It can be tedious to load one rig at a time when a pack contains 20, 30, 80 rigs! That is why we added the "Load All Rigs from Computer" option.

We hope everyone enjoys this new addition to the rig/preset packs.

Remember to ALWAYS backup all your rigs before loading any new rigs - whether you are loading one rig at a time or loading all rigs at once. ALWAYS have a full dump of your preferred rig setup saved to your computer/cloud. 


  1. Isn´t it possible to have just 10 rigs in a "rig-xml" file? Leaving banks above untouched?

    1. It IS possible, however the rigs would load in the banks where they are referenced in the XML file, and there is no way for me to know exactly where the rigs are that everyone wants to keep on their Eleven Rack. So in order to provide a standard, I include the full 104 rigs which includes the "unused" rigs. Its also easier and faster to just include a full XML file and all 104 rigs, otherwise I would have to edit each XML file and the rig folder. But if this is what everyone prefers, I may do that in future rig packs. Let me know what you think.

    2. Great, havn´t had the time to try out for myself editing the xml file and see if the rack could cope with it. As it is a regular xml file it should but you never know...
      The version you have today with your rigs loading from bank A and ongoing fits me nice as I have my "locked, in use rigs" saved in the top banks (V-Z). I will just edit out the "unused" and I will be fine. Maybe an idea is to provide two xml files, one loading rigs from the top and one loading them from the bottom.