Thursday, January 24, 2013

UPDATE: Load All Rigs from Computer for Rig Downloads

A few months ago, we started including a "Load All Rigs from Computer" option for rigs packs that contained 10 or more rigs. At that time, for consistencies sake we thought it would be best to include a normal XML file that loads 104 rigs. Just like what happens when you Save All Rigs to Computer.
So since no single rig pack contains 104 rigs, we would include enough "unused" rigs to fill out the 104 slots. Also you would have a "Load All Rigs from Computer" folder which contained a copy of all the rigs and the XML file.

After some comments and thought, we have decided to change the way we include the Load All Rigs option.

So, for any rigs posted from now on, unless noted, there will be just one copy of the rigs, there will NOT be a "Load All Rigs from Computer" folder, and there will NOT be any -unused- rigs. The XML file will be included in the same section as the rigs. The XML file will be edited to only load the number of rigs that the pack contains. Meaning that if a rig pack contains 25 rigs, if you Load All Rigs from Computer, then it will only load the 25 rigs starting from A1. Any rigs that are already on the Eleven Rack after the 25 rigs will be untouched.

This only applies to rig packs posted from this date and forward. The rig packs that have already been posted will stay the same.

We hope you like the new method. If not or if so, leave a comment and let us know.

Remember to ALWAYS backup all your rigs before loading any new rigs - whether you are loading one rig at a time or loading all rigs at once. ALWAYS have a full dump of your preferred rig setup saved to your computer/cloud.

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