Thursday, January 24, 2013

19 SU(5) Bass Rigs Pack #3 - Eleven Rack Custom Rigs

19 SU(5) Bass Rigs PACK #3

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED!

All effect slots have been set, even if a slot is off by default, parameters have been set.

All rigs were made using an Ibanez K-5 Bass with Active Pickups.
The K-5 has an on-board EQ where you can dial in/out Highs, Mids, Lows. So these Rigs may or may not sound the same for you depending on your Bass. The on-board EQ was set to be flat when making the rigs, so if your bass is setup different you may need to adjust some parameters. Also since the EQ was set to flat, the dry output of the bass is lower than if everything was set to 10 - so if when playing these rigs you are getting a distorted sound (overloading the amp input), you can turn down the input volume/gain on the bass amp.

When loading these rigs or ANY rigs, ALWAYS turn down the output of your monitors/headphones before playing. You don't want to be blasted with sound. Because every setup is different it's impossible to get the volume level to be the same for everyone. All these rigs on my system peak at around -6 with the on-board bass EQ set flat.

Most rigs have the mic set to ON AXIS, but try using OFF AXIS as well.

Content List:

SU(5) - 901

SU(5) - 903

SU(5) - 904

SU(5) - 905J

SU(5) - 907J

SU(5) - 909K

SU(5) - 914

SU(5) - 921K

SU(5) - 933K

SU(5) - 951J

SU(5) - 955K

SU(5) - 957

SU(5) - 961J

SU(5) - 967

SU(5) - 971K

SU(5) - 981K

SU(5) - 983J

SU(5) - 991J

SU(5) - 993K


These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.

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