Monday, November 19, 2012

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Well, the release of the Ruin - M2c+ rigs marks the end of the November = Eleven (rack) week (or really a week and a couple days).

New rigs started be released on Nov. 11 (11-11, get it) and ended today.

There were 179 new rigs added over the past week and a couple days, hopefully there will be something in there for every Eleven Rack user.

Though this ends the frantic releasing of new rigs, fear not - there will be more rigs added in the future and a new way to load the rigs to make it easier to test them all out quickly.

Thanks to everyone who watched the videos, liked and commented on the videos, and came to the blog.

There are now OVER 650 rigs/presets on this site! Thanks to everyone who supported the blog and made it possible to reach that number. We hope that this blog has been useful to you and has provided you with Eleven Rack rigs, information, tutorials, and misc that have improved your Eleven Rack experience.

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