Thursday, November 22, 2012

104 EMPTY - Eleven Rack Rigs

The "Empty" rigs are 104 rigs set to exactly the same setting. These rigs are not meant to be played through. They are a simply a way to quickly set all the User rig banks to the same exact setting.

Why do you need the "Empty" rigs? Well, you don't need them. There is no reason you cannot load a rig over another rig, or create a rig over another rig.

The reason these rigs are being provided are for people who prefer a standardized starting point for their Eleven Rack, for whatever reason.

One reason may be to load all the EMPTY rigs first, then load a few rigs into the Eleven Rack that will be used in a session or gig. By having the EMPTY rigs in there it can perhaps minimize mistakes of choosing the wrong rig for a song.

Another reason would be when creating new rigs and wanting to start from the same exact point from slot to slot, bank to bank. While its true that you do not need to start from the same point, for some work-flows it may be helpful.

The rigs do contain amp/cab/mic ect... settings. This is unavoidable because there is no option to pick such as -none-. The amp on every rig will be the Tweed Lux, which is the first amp in the list. The cab will be the 1X8 custom which is the first cab in the list, the mic will be a Dyn 7 which is the first mic in the list. The tone/vol knobs on the amp are all set to ZERO. Every rig is exactly the same.

The EMPTY rigs are provided in "Complete Dump" form. Meaning 104 rigs and an XML file so you can use "Load All Rigs from Computer" to load them all quickly.

ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR RIGS AND THE STRUCTURE OF THE RIGS (Save All Rigs to Computer) Before using the "Load All Rigs from Computer" option.

Content List:

-empty- 1 thru 104

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