Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Eleven Rack Bundle and the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (ERXP)

If you were one of the people who purchased the new Eleven Rack bundle that included the ERXP pre-installed, and it should also have included Pro Tools 9 with a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10; you probably noticed the the Eleven Rack Window in Pro Tools did not properly reflect the rigs of the Eleven Rack.

Some how Avid over looked the fact that you could not properly use the on-screen 11R editor because Pro Tools (since version 8.0.1) only includes the needed UI files for the base 11R amps, effects, mics, ect...

To be able to use the the on-screen editor with an 11R that has the ERXP installed you need the updated UI files.

Well Avid has responded by making the ERXP download available to everyone. Before you only had access to the ERXP installer if you purchased the ERXP from the Avid store or another retailer.

So if you purchased one of the new bundles with the ERXP pre-installed, or you purchased a used Eleven Rack with the ERXP installed and the original purchaser did not make available the ERXP installer, now you can download the installer and use your updated Eleven Rack the way it was meant to be used.

You can download the ERXP installer from the Avid website:

Since your Eleven Rack will already have the ERXP items installed (Firmware 2.0 and up) there is no need to run the Firmware updater that gets placed on your desktop, so just delete it. You will not be able to run the Firmware updater anyway as you must purchase license codes.


  1. Hi there! I've seen your posts on various forums, and am quite impressed with the way you help everybody out! I recently purchased a used 11R, and can't seem to find the necessary PT update file(s). I am running PT10 on a Windows machine. I DLd something from Avid, but it's asking me for a serial number and system somethingorother that I don't think I have. And advice for me? Thanks! -Spacey

    1. If you are running PT10, just update to the latest version as it includes all the needed files to display the 11R UI.