Thursday, December 8, 2011

8 - Soldano SLO-100 Eleven Rack Rigs - Pack 2

BSC Eleven Rack Rigs - Soldano SLO-100 DIG Pack #2

8 Rigs/Presets

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required For Use.

Adjust Gain As Needed.

Content List:


SLO-100 DIG 121B

SLO-100 DIG 121K

SLO-100 DIG 121S

SLO-100 DIG 121V

SLO-100 DIG 121W

SLO-100 DIG 121X

SLO-100 DIG 121Y


SLO-100 Toasty87

These are complete Rigs. Try turing On effects that are Off, and turn Off effects that are On, tweak to your liking.

These Rigs are NOT endorsed by Soldano nor Avid

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