Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ERXP Amps, Effects, ect... Not Showing In Pro Tools (Eleven Rack Editor Window)

If you have purchased an Eleven Rack and it included Pro Tools 9/10 and the ERXP (Eleven Rack Expansion Pack) a.k.a. Firmware 2.0.1 pre-installed, and you are wondering why the Amps, Effects, ect... that were added by the ERXP are not showing up in the Eleven Rack Editor Window in Pro Tools

OR perhaps you had previously installed the ERXP, and everything was working fine in Pro Tools, but you upgraded Pro Tools to another version, or you uninstalled Pro Tools and re-installed, or you upgraded to a new OS or new computer and installed Pro Tools; and upon opening the Eleven Rack Editor Window you no longer had access to the ERXP Amps or effects and the normal picture icons were replaced by the 'coil' icons as seen above......

The problem is that, currently, Pro Tools does not install the needed User Interface (UI) files for an updated Eleven Rack to display properly in the 11R Editor Window. What is installed are the OLD UI files that have been included since Pro Tools LE 8.0.1 - but these files do not contain the information for the items added by the ERXP - they only contain the information for the standard Amps, Effects, cabs, ect... that were included when the Eleven Rack was first released in 2009.

But there is a solution!

(*as of Pro Tools 10.1 and higher, the ERXP UI files are included with your Pro Tools install)

The first thing you need to do is confirm your Eleven Rack is updated to Firmware 2.0.x

  Instructions on how to check the Firmware version of your Eleven Rack are in the following video:

After you have confirmed that your Eleven Rack is indeed updated to 2.0.x
You need to make sure you have a compatible version of Pro Tools. Make sure you are updated to the latest version available for your version of Pro Tools - LE8, 9, or 10. If you are on PT LE 8 you need to have at least PT LE 8.0.5 installed.

Pro Tools LE 8.0.5 Downloads and Details

Pro Tools Updates

After Pro Tools is properly updated - make sure Pro Tools is CLOSED

You need to run the FIRST section of the ERXP. Just the first section. There will be a firmware updater placed on your Desktop after the first section has run. You do NOT need this Firmware updater, as your Eleven Rack is already updated to Firmware 2.0.x

The FIRST portion of the ERXP install is what inserts the new UI files into Pro Tools so the 11R Editor Window can properly show the Amps, Effects, Cabs, ect... that were added by the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (Firmware 2.0.x)

If you purchased the ERXP to update your Eleven Rack from an old Firmware version, then you will need to run the Firmware updater - However, once your Eleven Rack has been updated, you NEVER need to run the Firmware updater again - EVER! (barring some unforeseen glitch or bug of course)

So in order to run the ERXP, you need to have access to it. If you had purchased the ERXP to update your old Eleven Rack, then you should have access to the ERXP download in your AVID account.

If you purchased an Eleven Rack with Firmware 2.0.1 PRE-INSTALLED, you can download the ERXP installer here (even if you bought the ERXP, you too, can download the ERXP installer here)

Download the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack from Avid

You can watch the following video for detailed instructions on how to install the First section of the ERXP:

After you have updated Pro Tools with the new UI files, open Pro Tools and everything should now be displaying properly.

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  1. Hi There

    I have a similar problem. I upgraded from pro tools 8 to Pro tools 10. Now when I open my 11R control window, none of my settings show, no amps or pedals. I don't have the expansion pack, just the standard 11R.

    Do you know what the problem might be?

    1. You should try a complete re-install of Pro Tools 10.

      Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your interface. With PT LE8, the drivers are installed with Pro Tools, with PT9 and up, you have to install the drivers yourself. The link for drivers can be found above.

  2. Just got pro tools 10 and I was shocked

    Extremely useful.


  3. i'm 2.0.1 version ,but now i installed 1.0.3
    how can i restored 2.0.1
    my 2.0.1 version is eleven rack when i brought it .

    1. i'm 2.0.1 version ,but now i installed 1.0.3
      how can i restored 2.0.1
      my 2.0.1 version is eleven rack when i brought it .

    2. If you installed an older firmware over the newer firmware, the only way to get back to the newer firmware (2.0.1) is to install the newer firmware, which in this case you would run the ERXP installer which will place a firmware updater on your desktop. In order to run the firmware updater you need a Serial Number and an ID code. The only way to get a S/N and ID code is to buy it ($99 US). However, since 2.0.1 was pre-installed on your rack, and assuming you have it registered with Avid, you will need to CALL Avid and see if they will provide you with a S/N and ID code for free.

      NEVER install an older firmware over a newer firmware. There are warnings about installing older firmware versions on this website and on the Avid website. If you are not certain about an update for the Eleven Rack, please ask about it BEFORE installing it.