Sunday, December 4, 2011

38 BSC Eleven Rack Rigs

Benoni Studios Custom(s) ( aka.."BSC") Eleven Rack Rigs/Presets

BSC Rigs are not modeled after any specific Amp Brands. 

BSC Rigs are original creations.

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED for use.

38 Rigs Total.

These are COMPLETE RIGS, meaning every effects slot has been set to a value. In some Rigs- Distortion, or Mod, or FX1 or 2 ect..... may be turned OFF by default, but the effect in the slot has been set to compliment each Rig. So go through each Rig and try out each effect, turn some ON, turn some OFF ect...

BSC (MEGA)Pack 1----

Included are several varieties of sounds, from Metal, to Jazz, to Clean, Heavy, and Synth/FX Rigs.

Content List By Type:

BSC - Jazz Blues
BSC - Logos
BSC - Mini SR
BSC - MS-30 1X15
BSC - MS30 Field
BSC - Route 421
BSC - Salvation
BSC - Sober
BSC - The Soul
BSC - Tobacco
BSC - TweedGreen
BSC - Water
BSC-Beauty SkooL

BSC - Bones
BSC - Labyrinth
BSC - M2 B30
BSC - M2 Defiant
BSC - Mini Might
BSC - MOD 800
BSC-MOD800 Swept
BSC - Raw Desire
BSC - XTC Swept
BSC- M2 4X12 65W
BSC -Metal Plexi
BSC-SOD Scooped
BSC-Treadplate M

BSC - MS30 Doyen
BSC - Ventral
BSC-Plexi Lead
BSC-The Leader

BSC - Bloom
BSC - Dripping
BSC - Isis (see below for video using this rig)
BSC - LSD Spiral
BSC - Serotonin (see below for video using this rig)
BSC - Solar

Download Below

    38 BSC Eleven Rack Rigs - DOWNLOAD (126.00 KB)

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