Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Behringer FCB-1010 + Uno Eprom

The Behringer FCB-1010 midi controller is a great solution for the Eleven Rack.

The included Prom requires a lot of programming to work with the Eleven Rack, so a possible solution is adding the Uno eProm which adds extra possibilities too the FCB-1010.

There is even a pre-made Sysex file that you can download and load into the Uno eProm so you can start using the FCB-1010, UNO, and Eleven Rack in a matter of minutes.

The Uno is a great chip, but my favorite solution for the FCB-1010 and Eleven Rack is the EurekaProm from Eureka Sound. http://www.eurekasound.com/

Download the .sysex file for the UNO eProm and Eleven Rack:

Learn more about the UNO eProm:

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