Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pro Tools 11 RELEASED!

Yesterday, after months of waiting, Pro Tools 11 was finally released!

The bad news is that just as the preliminary info stated, the Eleven Rack on-screen editor is currently not available in Pro Tools 11. BUT, with Pro Tools 11 we can co-install 10.3.6 and use the editor in PT 10.3.6 until there is a fix for PT11.

There is a bit of good news, while the full on-screen editor is not available in PT11, the mini editor is still available in the top left of the EDIT Window.

Hopefully there will be a resolution for this soon, but until then, use PT 10.3.6 for the 11R Editor.

Get more info about Pro Tools 11 at:

If you want to SEE Pro Tools 10.3.6 and Pro Tools 11 being installed, activated, opened, AND other Pro Tools 11 stuff - check out the Pro Tools Quick Tips blog and the YouTube Channel linked in the toolbar above.

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