Friday, April 20, 2012

8 Bogner XTC RED Eleven Rack Rigs

8 Bogner XTC RED Rigs

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED!

These are complete Rigs - all effect slots have been set, even if an effects block is OFF by default, the parameters have been set.

Some of the Bogner XTC RED Rigs have a Multi-Chorus in the MOD position. This is set to OFF by default, but try turning it ON while playing, even when playing heavy riffs; it adds some very nice width and depth to the tone.

Content List:

Bogner XTC Red 2

Bogner XTC Red 3

Bogner XTC Red 5

Bogner XTC Red 7

Bogner XTC Red A

Bogner XTC Red B

Bogner XTC Red R

Bogner XTC Red W

These Rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid nor Bogner. All names used are simply to describe the amp model used.

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