Wednesday, March 20, 2013

16 Apology Rigs - Eleven Rack Custom Rigs

16 Apology Rigs

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED!

Apology Rigs are Solo/Effected Lead style rigs. They were made to sound wide, airy, and to cut through. While they were made for lead parts, use them for whatever you prefer.

Every effects slot has been set, try turning on/off the effects and tweak further as you wish.

Content List:

Apology 601e

Apology 604s

Apology 606s

Apology 608s

Apology 610s

Apology 613f

Apology 615j

Apology 618u

Apology 622b

Apology 624b

Apology 626b

Apology 631d

Apology 633t

Apology 637t

Apology 639k

Apology 641p

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.

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