Wednesday, March 20, 2013

14 FUTILE Rigs - Eleven Rack Custom Rigs

14 FUTILE Rigs for the Avid Eleven Rack

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED!

FUTILE Rigs are heavy metal style rigs, however they are different than other rigs.

Like the "A is A" rigs, the FUTILE rigs use a Multi-Chorus to create a wide field of sound, also, more reverb is used to add some depth and space to help create an "amp in the room" sound.

But what makes these rigs different is the use of the Flanger, which is used to change the frequency response of the tone. The Flanger is used to change the frequency response to tones that you can achieve through an Oversized cab or dual mic'ing a cab and adjusting the phase relationship between the two mic's.

The result is kind of like a comb filter on the low end and mids that produce a more raw, open sounding rig. The way I describe it is the mids sound "hollow" or "open".

While the chorus and flanger are meant to stay ON, feel free to turn them OFF.

Turn ON the Green Distortion to focus the low end and add more bite.

Tweak further as you wish.

Content List:

Futile DCM 526

Futile DCM 529

Futile M-2 561

Futile M-2 568

Futile MDR 531

Futile MDR 534

Futile MDR 537v

Futile MDR 538v

Futile SLO 521

Futile SLO 524

Futile SOD 586

Futile SOD 587

Futile XTC 516

Futile XTC 519

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.

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