Saturday, October 3, 2015

Launch the Standalone Eleven Rack Editor from within PRO TOOLS 12.2.1

A new feature in Pro Tools 12.2.1 lets you launch the Eleven Rack Editor from within Pro Tools!

You can use the WINDOW Menu, or the Editor Icon in the Mini Eleven Rack Editor cluster in the Edit window. (see video)

I have looked through the documentation and I do not see this feature mentioned anywhere. Pro Tools 12.2.1 is the first version I have seen this in, but perhaps it was in a recent version as well, I don't know, nothing is documented. But I can say for sure that it does work in Pro Tools 12.2.1 so be sure to update!

This IS NOT the return of the Integrated Editor, what this does is execute a command that launches the Standalone Editor, so you will still need to have the Standalone Editor installed.

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