Thursday, August 20, 2015

Using an Acoustic Guitar with the Eleven Rack

Of course we all know the Eleven Rack sounds great with electric guitar, but you can also get amazing tones with an acoustic guitar. And I mean a regular acoustic guitar, one that does not have a built-in 1/4" output.

It's really simple to setup and you can do this in Standalone, or with Pro Tools. You will need a mic plugged in to the Mic In of the Eleven Rack. Switch the Rig Input of the Eleven Rack to Mic - and you are set!

Now in Pro Tools, the input for the dry/mic sound will be Mic, and the input for the effected sound is Eleven Rig L/R. You can even record both of these inputs at the same time. You can also re-amp your dry track later on. There are so many options with the Eleven Rack, break out your acoustic and try this out for yourself.

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