Thursday, August 20, 2015

Using an AUX Track in Pro Tools with the Eleven Rack

Normally, we use Audio Tracks in Pro Tools to record our Eleven Rack output. But, sometimes you may just want to monitor the Eleven Rack Rig without pressing any buttons. That's where an AUX track comes in. Simply set the input to "Eleven Rig L/R" and the input is open all the time. Keep in mind, if your input is open all the time, you may begin to hear strange noises in your session even if your guitar is unplugged. So switch the AUX to No Input when you will no longer be playing to avoid unwanted sounds.


  1. Hey, man!

    Love your site, love all of the rigs that you've so kindly shared with all of us 11R users! I play in the band Romantic Rebel, and have used your rigs on every tour we've done. Simply put, they're extremely bad ass!

    Just curious...

    Any chance you'll be making new rigs and making them available to the public? Maybe some presets modeled after new age amps like the EVH 5150 III, Schecter Hellwin, maybe even an Orange Rockerverb 100? I just love what you do and would love to see more of your amazing work!


    1. Hey thanks man. Glad you like them. I'm not sure about future presets, I've done so many at this point I don't want to repeat myself, but it's a possibility for sure.

      Thanks for the comments and keep making good music. #RomanticRebel everyone go check them out!