Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Mesa Dual Rectifier MODERN - PACK #2 - Eleven Rack Rigs

Mesa Boogie Dual Rec MODERN - PACK #2-

ERXP Required!

These are complete Rigs - all effect slots have been set, even if an effects block is OFF by default, the parameters have been set.

Content list:

Mesa Dual Rec A7

Mesa Dual Rec Ar

Mesa Dual Rec Eb

Mesa Dual Rec Ee

Mesa Dual Rec Ef

Mesa Dual Rec Eg

Mesa Dual Rec Eh

Mesa Dual Rec Ej

Mesa Dual Rec Ek

Mesa Dual Rec Em

Mesa Dual Rec Ew

Mesa Dual Rec S7

Mesa Dual Rec Sg

Mesa Dual Rec T7

Mesa Dual Rec Te

Tweak to your liking and enjoy!

These Rigs are an original creation.

These Rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid nor Mesa Boogie. All names used are simply to describe the amp model used.

Download Below


  1. New to the Eleven Rack and wonder how do you load these into the system? Will these downloads effect the warrenty with Avid? Thanks dig the heavy tones and the killer bass tones.

    1. Loading rigs that you download will not void the warranty. They are just rig settings files, they do not affect the firmware of the 11R.

      If you need to know HOW to use downloaded rigs, just go to the "Eleven Rack Custom Rigs-Download Zone" tab up top, and scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a video there that explains how to use downloaded rigs, or just search through the Youtube Channel, also in a tab up top.

  2. Hey was just wondering-i use overload TH3 and was wondering if the content of this program can be loaded into eleven rack via usb.Also considering buying 11R and was wondering your opinion on this unit in live standalone applications. Please reply-thanks.