Thursday, June 7, 2012

18 SU(5) Bass Rigs - Pack #2 - Eleven Rack Rigs

SU(5) Bass PACK #2

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack REQUIRED!

All effect slots have been set, even if a slot is off by default, parameters have been set.

The SU(5) Bass Rigs cover a broad range of playing styles, from Electronica and DubStep, to Jazz, Rock, and of course Metal.

Content List:

SU(5) 402 CAVEin

SU(5) 403 DUB

SU(5) 701

SU(5) 720

SU(5) 722

SU(5) 724

SU(5) 726-K

SU(5) 728-J

SU(5) 742

SU(5) 744

SU(5) 781

SU(5) 789

SU(5) 793

SU(5) 799

SU(5) 801-K

SU(5) 803-B

SU(5) 831-J

SU(5) 833-J

All rigs were made using an Ibanez K-5 Bass with Active Pickups.
The K-5 has an on-board EQ where you can dial in/out Highs, Mids, Lows. So these Rigs may or may not sound the same for you depending on your Bass.

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.


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