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80 A is A Rigs - Pack #4 - Eleven Rack Rigs

80 "A is A" Eleven Rack Rigs - PACK #4

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Required!

The A is A Rigs were made specifically for low tuned guitars, such as Drop A, G, F# ect...
However, they will work just as well for any tuning (Standard, Drop D, Drop B, ect...)

Furthermore, unlike previous A is A rig packs which were made using a guitar tuned to Drop B, Drop A, or lower, the rigs in this package were created with a guitar tuned to Drop D (that's Standard tuning, then drop the 6th string from E down to D).

Also the rigs in this package are more saturated than previous rigs, so if you prefer less saturation, just back-off on the Gain/Drive.

The 'MOD' block on each "A is A" rig has a Multi-Chorus effect turned ON by default.
The Multi-Chorus is what gives the A is A rigs their signature sound, it adds depth, and width, and is intended to stay ON, but if you don't like it, turn it OFF.
Tweak the rigs further as you wish.

The Rigs are split up into 2 folders - A Rigs, and B Rigs.

All "A" rigs use a 4X12 Classic 30 cab and Ribbon 121 mic.

All "B" rigs use a 2X12 B30 cab and Dyn 57 mic.

The "A" and "B" rigs work well together in the mix. Record a couple tracks with some rigs from folder "A", then layer with rigs from folder "B" to create a sound with huge body while still having attack, and clarity.  The "R121" and "Dyn 57" mic's are favorites for use on guitar cabs in the studio, so why not use the same technique in the modeling world.

Of course there are no rules to what sounds good, so use what sounds best to you.

Content List:

A Folder - 37 Rigs:

A is A DCM 724
A is A DCM 726
A is A L800 716
A is A L800 718
A is A M-2 702
A is A M-2 703
A is A M-2 705
A is A M-2 706
A is A M-2 708
A is A M-2 751
A is A M-2 753
A is A M-2 759
A is A M-2 761
A is A M-2 763
A is A M-2 801
A is A M-2 803
A is A M-2 827
A is A MDR 723
A is A MDR 726
A is A MDR 731
A is A MDR 733
A is A MDR 739
A is A PLXv 720
A is A PLXv 727
A is A SLO 762
A is A SLO 764
A is A SLO 766
A is A SLO 768 M
A is A SOD 701
A is A SOD 703
A is A SOD 737
A is A SOD 739
A is A SOD 783
A is A XTC 740
A is A XTC 742
A is A XTC 744
A is A XTC 888


B Folder - 43 Rigs:

A is A DCM 724b
A is A DCM 726b
A is A L800 716b
A is A L800 718b
A is A M-2 703b
A is A M-2 705b
A is A M-2 706b
A is A M-2 708b
A is A M-2 715b
A is A M-2 719b
A is A M-2 747b
A is A M-2 749b
A is A M-2 751b
A is A M-2 753b
A is A M-2 757b
A is A M-2 759b
A is A M-2 761b
A is A M-2 763b
A is A M-2 801b
A is A M-2 803b
A is A M-2 805b
A is A M-2 827b
A is A M-2 855b
A is A MDR 723b
A is A MDR 726b
A is A MDR 731b
A is A MDR 733b
A is A MDR 739b
A is A PLXv 720b
A is A PLXv 727b
A is A SLO 762b
A is A SLO 764b
A is A SLO 766b
A is A SOD 701b
A is A SOD 703b
A is A SOD 737b
A is A SOD 739b
A is A SOD 783b
A is A XTC 740b
A is A XTC 742b
A is A XTC 744b
A is A XTC 828b
A is A XTC 888b

These Rigs are an original creation.
These rigs are NOT endorsed by Avid.

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  1. Your pre-sets have made the difference in my mixes!!! thanks keep them coming.